Terms and Conditions

All users of Tablo services declare they have read, know, understand and accept these general Terms and Conditions.

1. Property owner of Tablo and services

Tablo Srl
Via Paolo Segneri, 4
00152 Roma
CF/P. IVA: 15032681007
Camera di Commercio di Roma
CS: 10.000 Eur (i.v.)

2. About Tablo

By using Tablo application, users can create and/or join a virtual table in order to meet each other in a specific address, restaurant or bar.

3. Personal data provided by users

All information provided (gender, age, citizenship, spoken languages, interests, pictures and so on, regarding personal information requested), is used to make the own status knowable to other users, so as they can organize their own virtual tables with people who, as much as possible, have the same interests, or live in the same town, are of the same age and/or share the same interests (i.e., hobbies, cultural interests and sport).

This application helps the user to organize a virtual table with other users in the chosen bar or restaurant, but it does not allow to make any reservation.

Table reservations at a chosen bar or restaurant is to be made out later by the organizer, unless otherwise agreed upon with members.

Restaurant’s references and contact info will be accessible and usable for communications and/or changes in the pipeline relating to the purposes of the service offered by Tablo.

Users are responsible for the information (owned and borrowed) shared through Tablo, uploaded in any manner. Users hold harmless the owner from any liability in connection with illicit disclosure of third-party information or use of Tablo in ways contrary to the law.

Tablo owner will not put in place any kind of change relative to the information uploaded by users or third parties, but undertakes to intervene against users notifications or notifications by public authorities about content considered offensive or illegal.

4. Third parties information

Some data related to facilities (and the related services thereof) accessible by users, can come exclusively from Tablo, as well as API services provided by YELP, Google or TripAdvisor.

Users can use third parties services or information in Tablo, and to do so, they will have to read third parties Terms and Conditions in order to accept its content. Under no circumstances, the owner can be held liable in relation to the proper functioning or availability, or both, of the services provided by third parties.

5. Registration

In order to use the service or any part thereof, users should register by providing, in a truthful and complete way, all the required data in the relevant registration form and fully accept the privacy policy and these Terms and Conditions. Users will have to keep safe their login credentials.

6. Relationship between users and structure owners

Tablo is not part of the relationship between users and structure owners, thus it declares itself exempt from any responsibility for the availability and conditions of the structures themselves.

7. Using Tablo

Download Tabloo App

You can download Tablo App at Google Play Store e Apple Store.

Users, by downloading Tablo App, agree not to engage in conduct that could result in damage to other users (i.e.: insults, slander, bullying, leakage of other users and restaurants data, etc.).

Registration at Tablo

Once Tablo App has been downloaded, users must fill the registration form or use a Facebook account.

Users agree that personal info requested during registration, will form the own profile and will therefore be partly knowable to other members. Specifically: names, status (online, offline), gender, preferences, interests, citizenship, language, approximate geographical location. Users, by registering to Tablo App, accepts that the info above can be used in line with the nature and purpose of this application.

Once registered, users can choose among several offers, each with rights and limitations described therein.

How to create a virtual table

Registered users, by clicking on "Create", can create a virtual table and become an organizer. By creating a virtual table, the organizer may choose different customization options to tweak the offer.

Specifically, users can choose the following:

  • preferred address or bar/restaurant, choosing among those already existent in Tablo platform;
  • the date intended to organize the event and/or meeting;
  • the time intended to hold the event and/or meeting;
  • minimum/maximum number of participants;
  • desired participants age-range;
  • purposes to be reached;
  • gender equality;
  • adding non registered participants to Tabloo platform;
  • preferred language.
How to join a “table”

Once you’re logged in Tablo platform, the display will show all the virtual tables and specifications about each organizer proposal.

By clicking on a virtual table icon you can: check participants number and related information data, check data about the restaurant or bar, preferences indicated by the table organizer, spoken language and, should you be interested in, decide to participate in the proposed activity.

In order to refine your participation request, click on “ENTER” and you will be participating in the table. Other participant will then be able to check your personal information data.

Once you are participating in the virtual table, you can exchange instant messages with other participants so as to update or modify the meeting preparation.

How to invite other participants

Each user can invite his/her phone contacts or other participants to the virtual table he/she has organized or is participating in.

In order to invite other registered users to a virtual table, click on “INVITE” bottom in the virtual table you are participating.

Then, you could select the names of the persons you want to invite and, once they accept, they will officially be participants.

How to unsubscribe from a table

By clicking on “Tables” you can unsubscribe. You can unsubscribe only when in the virtual table there is a minimum number of participants decided by the organizer. The organizer might unsubscribe from his/her virtual table only if he is the only participant.

Payment services

Registering to a payment offer is possible with iTunes Store or Google Play Store through their respective payment method.

Tablo reserves the right to add other payment methods such as, credit cards, bancomat, prepaid cards, debit cards or PayPal. In case of termination, it will be effective 24 hours after claiming.

Once you decide to make a purchase, you authorize Tablo to proceed with charging at the chosen payment provider. Tablo can correct any billing errors committed even after payment has been requested or received.

If you buy a subscription through Tablo, It will be valid until cancelled by the user. The subscription will be automatically renewed for the same original period, at the same price accepted when signing the subscription until the event of cancellation. User agrees that his/her account is subject to automatic renewal of the purchased feature. If you do not want the automatic renewal, or if you want to change or cancel your subscription, you can unsubscribe by clicking on "manage subscription" in application options. After the cancellation, subscription will be valid until the end of the period in which it is still in force, it will not be renewed thereafter.

1. About the service

The service is provided by the owner, without any other expressed or implied warranty, for its accuracy and availability.

2. Interruption of service

Tablo owner reserves the right to remove and/or add functionality or features to the service, or suspend or stop altogether the provision of the same, permanent or temporary.

In case of permanent interruption of service, the holder will allow users to take their information hosted by the service.

Resale of service

Users are not allowed, for any reason, to exploit, sell, duplicate, copy or reproduce any portion of Tablo application or connected services without the express permission by the owner.

3. Indemnification clause

The User agrees to indemnify the owner (and any companies controlled by him or affiliates, representatives, directors, agents, licensees, partners and employees) from any obligation or responsibility, including any legal costs incurred to defend themselves in court, which may arise in respect of damage caused to other users or third parties, with regard to content uploaded online, the violation of the law or these services Terms and Conditions.

4. Permitted use

Users might not:

If user's activities do not meet in the form and substance of these Terms and Conditions or produce economic or legal risks for the company, Tablo reserves the right to stop the partial or complete delivery of all services to the user himself.

1. Privacy Policy

For information on the use of personal data, users should refer to the privacy policy of Tablo, in the Privacy Policy section of the application.

2. Copyright

All the application’s marks, figures or names, and other marks, trade names, service marks, word marks, trade names, pictures, images, logos appearing on Tablo are and remain the exclusive property of the owner or his licensors and are protected by applicable trademark laws and the relevant international treaties.

3. Age requirements

Users declare to be of age according to the law governing them. Tablo assumes no liability for false statements provided by users about declared personal info.

4. Some definitions


Interface allowing users to organize themselves if they decide to participate and/or create a virtual table. Chat is available only if the user is taking part, or has created, a virtual table. It is possible to chat only to organizers and participants of every virtual table, as the chat’s objective is to keep in touch every participant and event organizer.


Meetings, such as, but not limited to: breakfasts, lunches, cocktails, dinner, after dinner, in bars or restaurants. These events are organized by users via virtual tables.


L’Utente che crea un tavolo sulla piattaforma “Tablo” nelle modalità descritte nei seguenti Termini e Condizioni, o chi prende il suo posto. L'Organizzatore sarà contraddistinto da una stellina gialla.


The user who decides to participate in a virtual table created by an organizer on Tablo platform as for these Terms and Conditions.

Tablo platform

Downloadable application that allows using the service.


Set of personal information and other data uploaded by users when registrating to the service and that allow identifying and knowing their preferences. Users acknowledge that the profile can be viewed by other members of Tablo platform. Data are composed by: name/s, status, (online/offline), gender, interests, citizenship, language, approximate geographical location (including information about approximate distance or proximity between users, whether you are in your place of residence or traveling).


The service offered by Tablo as for these Terms and viewable within Tablo platform.

Virtual table/s

With this tool, users can propose an event with the aim to prepare a meeting and, possibly, reserve a “real table” in the chosen bar/restaurant.

Exclusive table/s

This is to means a virtual table, usually created by a “premium” subscription or a payment subscription, with participatory limits decided by the organizer. The main restrictions may relate to age, spoken languages or gender. Anyway, Tablo could add more restriction or eliminate some of them.

Terms and Conditions

These general terms of service that are a legally binding agreement between you and the owner.


Natural or legal person using Tablo platform. It could be an organizer and/or a participant in the virtual tables.


Interface in the "search" button that displays all virtual tables created by users.

5. Limitation of liability

The owner, as for regulations in force, is liable for contractual and non-contractual damages to users or third parties only when they are direct and immediate consequence, for wilful misconduct or gross negligence, of Tablo activity.

User shall indemnify and expressly exempt the application owner any liability, as for applicable law, in relation to any damages or claims of any type proper and /or any third party whether direct or indirect damages to persons or things, punitive, incidental, special, damages resulting from lost profits, lost revenues, loss of data or replacement costs arising from or in any way connected with this agreement.

6. Review or revising these Terms and Conditions

The owner reserves the right to make any changes to these Terms and Conditions, at any time and for any reasons it deems most appropriate for the purposes related to the spreading of the service.

The owner will place particular attention to inform the users any changes by releasing specific info in the application.

Users who decide to continue using the services offered by Tablo, following the amendment or modification of one or more parts of these Terms and Conditions made by the owner, automatically accept the new Terms.

7. Contract release

The owner reserves the right to transfer, assign, provide by way of novation or subcontract all or any of the rights or obligations under these Terms, whereas users rights are not affected.

Users may not assign or transfer in any way its rights or obligations under these Terms without owner’s written consent.

8. Communications

All communications concerning Tablo will be sent using contact info uploaded.

9. Nullity

Whether any provisions of these terms are to be considered void, voidable or, more generally, ineffective, such a defect would not bother with nullity, annulment or ineffectiveness of other provisions of the same, which will continue in full force.

The provisions of these Terms that, possibly declared invalid, will be modified in good faith in such a way as to conform to the renewed requirements of validity or balanced burden of criteria and, as modified, will be deemed a provision of these Terms from the beginning.

10. Law and jurisdiction

These Terms and any dispute regarding the execution, interpretation and validity of this contract are subject to Italian jurisdiction.

The parties agree to a tentative reconciliation, by notice to be sent to the addresses of the application’s owner, containing the particulars about the controversial issue. If within 60 days of such request, there has not been a positive conciliation, the parties agree to refer the dispute, within the limits of applicable legislation, to the jurisdiction of the Italian courts with exclusive jurisdiction identified in the court of Rome, or in forum of residence or domicile of the consumer.